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Bloomin physio cancelled till next week!!!!

Got up early this morning to get ready to go to the hospital 30 miles away,and it takes us ages to get me ready as I cannot do a lot myself. Taking a well earned rest after my wash, the phone rang. It was the Fibro and Physio appointment I was due to be at in about Hr and a half ,to tell me the guy had rang in sick. :-(

I know he could not help it but after waiting for 4 months to get any help, I was a bit upset as I now have to wait another week. When I first needed physio I could walk with a stick. Now 6 months later I cannot walk at all and have had to buy a scooter to get about. And use sticks in doors, but my upper body has got no strength at all. :-(

Sorry to be a moaner but I have waited so long at the weekend I was thinking how excited I was about my appointment, ' how sad is that ' lol Oh well next week but not going to hold my breath x :-)

Love and Light to my fibromites x x :-)

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How disappointing!you spend ages getting your head round everything,pacing yourself so your there in time and you get let down!next week will soon come round,the weeks are flying by,which is realy scary!and your not a moaner,your just...voicing your opinion.

Sending you lots of special little soft hugs

(((((((((((soft hugs)))))))))

Jue xx


So sorry to hear this Rainbow! I hope next week arrives quickly for you and you get your physio session.

Take care. (((hug))) x


Oh Rainbow what bad luck poor you especially having waited so long and getting yourself all ready to go:( you must feel very let down. Did they give you an appointment for next week? I hope you can go to that one.

Try and keep smiling hun :) xgins


Thanks Gins Yes I have a new appointment next tuesday,he called in sick so they wanted me to go this thursday,but I am in another hospital at the breast clinic. Thats all I do of late hop from one hospital to the other.....hectic life I lead :-) living on the edge lol x


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