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Hi all not been on for ages..just reading how everybody is doing :-)

Hope every one are having a good day...if that type of day exists beeing fibromites !

I am having & a bad flare up the full i say to my hubby,not a very understanding or careing type of person.

Yesterday i was resting for most of the day, made the usual meals and sat down for the times in between.

Am i a bit naieve or daft to think i would not be having a bad day today....the lorry has run over me, thick fog, burning skin, joints swollen and appetite haywire lol got to laugh what with me thinking i could get away with an easy day.

Does any one else think the same as less feel better...or is this not the way fibro works !!!

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Hi Motzie, good to see you back with us! :)

I am sorry to hear you're in the middle of a Fibro flare-up, they're not much fun are they. Make sure you rest when you can, keep warm, take your meds, all these things help the flare to pass.

I personally feel better with my Fibro the more I do, this is easier said than done. If I do absolutely nothing I feel lazy and wretched psychologically and this tends to make me feel worse and my pain worse as a result. I like to feel I have achieved something, it might not be much, just something, then I feel better able to cope with everything.

At the end of the day we are all different, our Fibro is different too. We manage it as best we can whether doing something or not doing anything. It doesn't matter, what really matters is what is best for that particular person and for me it's trying to do something even something small like hoovering the house, walking the dogs, anything at all. That is a victory for me then and it makes me feel good! :)

I hope you feel better soon Motzie, take care. Here's a hug (((hug))) xx


Thank you for your comments, i always try do something every day to make me feel good. I know what you mean it is the phsycology of it.

I suppose i am feeling sorry for myself & very isolated. I know it will pass and the guilt will subside...just wishing my hubby was a bit more understanding! & i realise that he is the way he is & i cannot change him.

Take care thanks again Libertyz...(((((hugs)))) motzie.


Hi Motzie sorry to hear you are having a flare up. It is hard to make peoole around us understand, this is really difficult for us when it is those closest to us. Take care of yourself and wrap up warm. Try to rest as much as you can or at least pace your activities. The cold weather is affecting us all I think.

Hope you feel better soon

Storm x


Hi storm, thanks for your reply & kind words. It does help when you know that the fibro family are there for support & understanding as to what a flare up is like.

It is unfortunately when there is little to see the pain & dreadfull discomfort we go through.

Take care & thanks again soft hugs Motzie.


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