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Magnet to Accidents

Hi Fibromites,

Just thought I'd share with you my RTA escapades! In 2003 I had a major car acident where an Italian lorry decided to hit my car, push me sideways up the road then when the lorry stopped, my car spun off and hit a railway bridge. Both my daughter and I experienced a miracle. Although the car was totally written off, my daughter escaped without any injury whatsoever and I suffered just a minor bruise to my spine and quickly recovered. After that, I had several cars written off outside my house (due to idiotic drivers losing control of their cars whilst speeding round a dangerous bend in the road). I also had several more accidents where people drove into the back of my car(s), luckily none of these caused me any injuries apart from a little tissue tenderness. Then in January last year, whilst I was turning right on a roundabout, a driver pulled out of the side road instead of stopping. Although he hit and damaged my car, I didn't think I was injured. A couple of hours later, I knew I had been injured as the pain started. Whiplash lasted months and then finally, I was told I had Fibromyalgia. This has since been confirmed by two specialists, that it was caused by the car accident. So since then, Access to work have paid for me to travel by minicab/taxi if I needed to attend other offices at work. At least then it would save me from anymore acidents - so I thought!! Then, two weeks ago, I was involved in yet another car accident - this time I was in the back of a mini cab, stationary at lights, when some idiot driving along behind us, was too busy texting to realise the traffic in front had stopped. So he stopped by ramming his car into the one I was in and then we were shunted into the car in front of us. I ended up with a slightly fractured skull, more whiplash and now my back, neck and shoulders are screaming with pain. Fibromyalgia seems to my life-long partner now but after reading many of the blogs on here, I realize that even after all that has happened to me, I'm still incredibly lucky. My pain is nowhere near as bad as what some of you guys are experiencing. So I just want you to know that you are all amazing and you leave me very humbled indeed.

Huge but gentle hugs to you all.

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I'm absolutely gob smacked,I realy can not believe how many times you could have lost your life!iv never in all my life known anyone to have so many accidents,thank god you and your daughter are ok,I know you have fibro now but thank god you still have your life,I'm sending you loads off luck,i don't know how long you have been on this site but would just like to say whatever you need to get off your chest we are all here to give you as mutch support as you need,if you've been with us for a while then I don't need to tell you that!keep in touch,loads of soft hugs xx


Thanks Pink Blossom, I am fairly new to this site but reading the many blogs, I can tell just how much everyone supports each other - like you sending me your support, luck and hugs. It's so nice to see that, and everyone understands what each other is going through. I can't believe myself how many accidents I've had either but luckily, none have been too serious. And to add to my catalogue of woes, I've also got Crohn's Disease too!! Still, I try not to let things get me down and can often look on the funny side of life (pain permitting of course!) - with Crohn's it's usually the worst kind of humour but if you don't have a laugh about it, you just get miserable and then people avoid you because you make them feel down and miserable. And because I love having lots of people in my life, I like to make them laugh and be comfortable around me. And amazingly, the pain then doesn't seem quite so bad.

As I said before, I do feel incredibly lucky because things could be so much worse. But with lovely people like you who offer strangers like me so much support, well, I can only get better, can't I?

Thanks again and soft, gentle hugs to you too xx


My goodness Blue-eyes, that a scary read! You are like a cat with 9 lives fortunately. It's great to have you with us here at FibroAction, we are all in the same boat here, we all understand and are here for each other and here for you too!

Enjoy your time with us, any concerns you have, just shout. We are always only too happy to help where we can.

Take care. :)


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