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Feeling the stress

My 8 year old daughter is attempting to gain her black belt in kickboxing this morning. She's chilled out about it but I'm feeling the stress for her. I forgot about clocks so we were all up at 6:15. I've not slept well all night. I've got a banging headache and I feel like I've been run over by a 10 tonne truck. She's really prepared for it so fingers crossed she's successful. Good job I've got a couple of days off work to recover. I'll report back later with her result. Wish us luck. X

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Gud luck, I'm sure she will not need it though :-) gentle hugs Hilly xx


Good luck both of you..... Kids they just are too chilled these days.. I feel exactly the same as you so my total sympathy. Been awake most of the night but not my fault entirely.. Hope she passes and you can relax finally

Hugs VG x


My daughter passed her grading. She is now the youngest in the club to achieve her black belt. One very proud mummy.


How wonderful, what an achievement for one so very young! Many congratulations! I would be bursting with pride as I am sure you are! Fantastic news! :)


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