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My son yesterday Painted his face red and

attached to horns to his temples. Wearing a very smart black suit white shirt and red tie he led a Mini adventure to Lowther in Cumbria To his amazement thirty minis took part ad all rolled down the M6 in convoy last evening. What fun and spooks they had on gostly walks around the old building before returning to Carlisle.

I would have gone but was on baby sitting (and I could not have stumbled about in dark) which was later cancelled so I just watched telly and followed them on the inter net :)

This morning it looks like being a crisp cold Autumn day the sky is blue and the air is sharp the sort of day when the smell of Autumn is intenseified with wood smoke and fires being stoked up for the day.I realise I have no new surplies of wood for the log burner and this week I must get some delivered just hope it is chopped up as I can no longer do it. It is wonderful by the fire in the late afternoon watching the sparks fly up the chimney and the smell is lovely. Sometimes I burn fir cones .and they release such a lovely scent. There is alwaysa draw back to everything and I hate cleaning it up and getting the ash awaystill hope fully I will manage again this year other wise I will defo ned some one to help me!

So today is OH 70th birthday and he is just getting up to open his cards and join me for breaky. I am going to try and take him out for lunch and but him a new shirt he is a very big man so we have problems there sometime so fingers crossed. Then he will come home and fall asleeep he does that a lot now...............

Have a lovely day guy keep smiling.........through :) xgins

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Ooh that brings back memories ,, my first car was an old 1972 mini called mavis... I had great times with her tootling everywhere... I swear she understood me.. The day my mom got an new car and said I could have her old much newer one... Mavis died.. Her engine seized and all the oil poured out.... Mom said it was lucky I had her old car... I am sure she just gave up knowing she was to be replaced.... Yup i am officially mad

VG x


I too have great memories of my first little car. Not a mini but a Riley Kestrel, called Charlie Brown, which had leather seats and a walnut dash. Cost me £150 and I loved it! It was decorated on the doors with pictures of houses and little men that the kids (at the school where I worked) drew with stones one playtime when they escaped into the carpark! Jane x


Hi gins, happy birthday wishes to your OH. I hope you manage to get him a nice pressy. I too take great pleasure in a log fire. We had some fallen trees in the wind last year so fortunately have a good supply! Jane x


I had a mini for my first car years ago, how I loved my little blue car! :)

How lovely Gins to hear about your burning your logs and fir cones, I can almost smell them! :)

I hope your OH has a lovely birthday and you manage to find him a nice shirt, have a lovely day together, bless you both! :) x


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