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I have had a week of it!!!

Hi everyone I have not been around for a few days. As if I didn't have enough with acute flare up,

On friday I forced myself to go with my daughter to look at wedding dresses for her. we hired a scooter and for the first time this year I got to go out for lunch and shopping!! :-)

and had a wonderful day .!

I was very tired and stiff that night,and had had a lot of pain whilst out. Well next morning I was aching all over and thought it was because of the day out. By midday I had a violent headache and my tempreture was 88.9 so Mac called the out of hours Dr as I was feeling very bad. Hrs later and chats on the phone they wanted me to travel 10 miles by car to a clinic,explaining that while they see me at home they can see 4 in the clinic ! I told him I would try...........My husband came in and said 'No you are not well enough! 'and rang them back. They then told him it would be 4 hrs before the clinic could see me,and over 7 before a Dr could come out,but if my tempreture got worse ring them for imediate call. Thanks for nothing I thought. Twenty min's later and Dr arrived,checked me over and said I had tonsiits ( oh well I have no tonsils!! but hey ho ) and put me on antibiotics. meanwhile three hrs later the first Dr called and said you have a Virus and because your imune system is low you have got Glandular fever,however you do have spots on your throat so take the antibiotics.

I had a tempreture for four days and had to rest in bed and not worry about eating just lots of liquid. I do feel a bit better now. :-)

I also had booked Physio appointments I had been waiting for for 8 weeks, and The fibro clinic, and an appointment at the Breast clinic ,because the week before I had a funny thing happen and one of my breasts (bled for ages.) As soon as Dr knew she got me a referal and it was yesterday. So we cancelled all the appointments on monday and re arranged all of my physio etc. The Breast clinic said I had to go,if I possibly could I had to go as it was nearly two weeks and they have to see you in that time space.

I went and they want to see me next week for more test :-( but feel that it is nothing too serious. ) :-) So next week I have a very full week.of appointments,inc social service,British legion and OT plus my Physio.

Now on the plus side !! :-) I saw a scooter on the net an ex demo just been sat in the shop display and I bought it wed it was delivered this morning !! Yey.... and the mobility people I get my car from phoned and at midday on monday my new car arrives.... :-) and I also managed to find a beautiful shiffon emmbroidered jacket for my daughters wedding !!! :-)

It is good to be feeling better at last ! Hope everyone is not too bad this weekend,wrap up warm as artic winds coming from the north!!

Gentle (((((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))))))))) to everyone catch you soon x x x

Just to add Yippee !!! just tried out my scooter....they said in the online shop may have scratches or wear and tear as it was used in the show room. Unpacked it and they sent me a brand new one because the display one went 10 mins before I paid. :-) It is so silent and metalic chery red.....Oh I can go out now when I am better. :-) And my new car is the same I will be colour co ordinated lol...

Again big soft hugs x x x :-)

Rainbowdancer X

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How lovely, I felt so happy for you when I read your blog! I have a red scooter too and I absolutely love it (it's appropriately called little rascal!) I get such a surge of joy when I go out on it so I really understood how you felt! Enjoy x


I'm realy pleased for you rainbow dancer that after your horrible time being ill things have turned out sooo lovely with your little scooter,you just go steady on it,we don't want you to get a speeding ticket!! :)


Oh that's awesome! I hope

everything works out for you

seems like your having a rough

time of things! Congratulations

On your daughters marriage!

Please let us know how you make

Out. X


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