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The Mummy returns part3 or is it 4 oh heck does it matter

My Dear Doc when faced with my leg then asked me what to dress it with - I have ended up with a brilliant bandage but eeey it is sore under neath.

I now have learnt that this may take many weeks to get better and then it can return after a while joy no fish net stockings for me at Christmas it will be Nora Batty ones instead. I shall certainly be receiving Christmas cards from the surgery!

I will have multiple bookings twice a week with the nurse for see able future.

Never mind it could be worse :) I think this Mummy blogg will now disappear untill it is better do not want to be twinny bore thanks guys xgins

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Oh gins.... My friend had cellulitis they whisked her into hospital and gave her intravenous antibiotics and it cleared up quite quickly... Is that not an option for you..... I,m not trying to get rid of you just wishing you a quicker recovery

I quite like the thought of you as a mummy though... Perhaps you could get the mummy picture and post it on random threads.... Sort of like cyber where's wally and we could all trawl through the forum searching for it....

Sorry I think my brain has gone into ramble mode today...

Get well soon

VG x


Your replies dear VG always make me chuckle excellent so I could be a cyber thread and pop up all over the place. hmmmmmmm it would save on what to wear always a sticky question.. Enjoyed the ramble have a good day! xgins


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