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HI ALL,well went to bed at 11:45pm that was no good to me wish i never went...this way that way pain in left arm legs tinging all over both sides very up i get taking care not to wake the wife or my son they are having some zzzzzzz...wish that was me...i hate this pain going on to long now..what with taking oramorph and a 25mg patch on ...the fog can't see a way feet feel as if they are on fire i just can't lay what do i do i just don't know anymore so fed up with life..firbo as got a lot to answer for my friends.

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hi bobajob i am aake too hun, cant sleep feet also feel like they are on fire with pains in them hands hurt and all over.

fibro is a deadly killer because it keeps you awake and you loose so much focus during the day. so i really understand where you are comming from hugs


hi pammy,thamks for are right what we have to put up with people without fribo do not understand..i hope you feel better soon take care

bob xx


Morning Bob

Hope you managed some rest last night. Trouble is when the day light comes we are so shattered - I find that by nine i clock my body wants to doze which is useless I need to do things. Still at the minute it is my arms and shoulders and randomly the sole of my left foot, it beggars belief still be positive have a good day Bob xgins


I really can sympathise as the same happened to me - I ended up coming downstairs and watching old episodes of Dr Who while lying on the sofa. Felt awful all day but have to say I went walking earlier with the dogs and feel a lot better than I did (for now anyway).

Hope you have a better night tonight.


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