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Hi all!

Havent posted on here for a little while, been trying to pull myself out of a mild depression i am i pleased to say that i think i have managed it, yay! Still the odd moment where i feel a bit fed up but nothing like i was so i am really pleased!

My fibro seems to have died down slightly but the downside to this is that i now have tonsilitus and a viral infection :-( given antibiotics for the tonsilitus which i am allergic to so they have made me feel worse but nothing given for the viral infection which i was hoping the dr could try something to help me given that my last bad viral infection (was ill for 7weeks) landed me in hospital with my body swelling and eventually my throat started closing up so fingers crossed this one wont be as bad!

I am currently curled up on the sofa trying to rest before work tonight!

Hope everyone is as well as can be with this cold weather! Glad we have a slight bit of sun this week as the cold 2weeks ago left me unable to walk!


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Hello. I am glad you are on the mend. Depression is horrid, I have had it for years and like everything else I think we have peeks and troughs.

I hope you get over this virus soon, sadly you won't get treated for a virus as there is nothing they can give you. I think you will just have to ride it out.

Piggie hugs xxxxxxxx


I know what you mean about the depression and I have got so used to it being around I gave it a house next door tot he fibro. I am never out of pain these days so I have got used to that as well. I hope things keep getting better for you and that tonsillitiis reduces soon (((((4u)))))


Hello Hj, great to see you back with us, we missed you! So sorry you've had a bad time of it, but as big well done at your improvement pulling yourself out of it. Well done! It sounds like your immune system has had a bit of a bashing hence your virus. Sometimes this happens when we get a bit low over a prolonged period, the knock-on effect makes us more prone to coughs, cold and viruses. Also you've been in hospital (goodness me, you've been through the mill lately, you poor thing x) - try to rest when you can, keep warm and give your body time to recover, make sure you get enough rest and don't push yourself too hard.

Here's a hug for you from me Hj! ((( hug )))


Hi all :-)

Well the tonsilitis seems to be dying down and now my pain has come back! Bloody hell! This cold weather is not nice at all so today my hips have seized up on me today thanks to the wonderful british weather! Ah well, pain killers, triple layers, hot water bottles and cups of tea will be my winter!



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