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pain clinic visit [humour]

I'm going to join a pain clinic,

now do I get a choice?

'cos if we'll have to ask at once,

they might not hear my voice.

all the good pains,

will go in the first place,

[ I wanted flute in music class -

instead got double base!]

I'd like just little finger ache,

I'll swap all mine for it.

I don't want my Fibro or RA,

'cos franklly they are sh*t.

I'll likely have to bring them home,

'no-one there will swap.

and maybe they'll add a few more

just for fun on top!

shall I stay away or go?

what do others think?

if only they'd teach me how to cope

I might suggest it [wink!]



3 Replies

I hope it brings you some relief. Best wishes. x


Morning love the poem given me an idea for a Swap shop (or was it your isea not awake yet) :)



Hya all I love the poem,I'm waiting to hear from pain clinic x


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