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Council assessment

Hi to evry1 who had questions about my blog.

If u call ur local head office, spk to social services dept & ask for a care package assessment as u have ...fibro etc & need help dressing, around the home etc. They shud get sum1 to call about an appointment & the balls rolling. They assess how much care u need (remember all worst day stuff) then work out with u the hours & cost & get back to u with the plan. U r then an employer, with the help of the Rowan (or whicheva charity runs it in ur area) start advertising for carers/cleaners (known as personal assistants) or whateva ur assessed for. U hav to open a new bank account & the money is paid in monthly for u to pa the wages etc. All u then do is send in receipts & hours etc each month.

Its changed my life. Change urs!

Hope this answers evryfin lol x

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Interesting. I have a partner, and she also has problems other own. The does it take make a difference to the claim, loss or not. The and the former info


Hi lik e in three bed house but don't share room with my husband were I'm awake a lot in night but there saying because we don't need a room going to have to pay n

An extra £25 a week for his room can anyone advice us what do do on this as don't think its fair was moved hear on medical grounds and don't like talking about my priv life but if I have to I will xxxps hope your all having good fibro days hugs xx


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