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Oh boy!! What a lovely (!) surprise in the post this morning. An invitation to attend an interview to looking into help to find me a job!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! That's a good one, gave me a good laugh!! If you can find me a job where I don't have to use my hands, on the ground floor, provide someone to help with my personal care when I need the toilet, and allow me 2-3 hours a day to raise my legs then I might be interested. If not, pleeeeez leave me alone!!!

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Omgoodness that's mad, i tried once a couple of years ago for DLA but was rejected but since then i have had a few other diagnosis' but can't be bothered applying again, i'm still mobile and on the whole manage to keep the house in shape but that's it we survive on Partners wage just. I feel for you, it's one of the reasons i wont go for it again , well not yet anyway as i don't want to be dealing with that kind of crap or be looking over my shoulders all the time if i'm having a good week, month or day.

I have decided to stay home till my daughter is 16 and independant before i get a job so have 7 years to get strong enough.

It makes me laugh, mean do these people not check your files before they make these demands grrrr don't they realise stress is a trigger. I understand the are weeding out the fakers but surely they can see who is for real and who isn't with all the doctors corrobaration and all.

Hang in their honey xxxx


Oh dear Sue, we hear the same from so many members these days. The current system is so unfair. I would have the same problem - I would need a job where I could possibly manage two shifts a week of a couple of hours (impossible I know!), where I could sit down for one minute and then walk around because I feel as stiff as a board. I would also need a hot water bottle strapped to me as I am permanently freezing and then an ice pack because I have constant headaches and then feel really hot and shaky! I would also need regular snacks and hot drinks because I feel sick with my meds otherwise. Oh and I would have to wear my fingerless thermal gloves in glorious technicolour fuschia pink because they are the only things that stop my fingers from chilling to the bone! Did I forget to mention my rainbow coloured thermal knee socks?! It would be quite an image wouldn't it with my black thermal leggings and thermal chemise top. I even need thermals in the Summer especially at night when I am still and get cold!

I wonder how this would look on my CV lol! ;) :P It makes it all so incredibly stressful when even the simplest thing becomes a drama doesn't it.

I know what you mean Sue about the looking over your shoulder issue - what a terrible state of affairs where we feel guilty when we are having the odd reasonably good day!! The people who assess us don't see us when we crawl to the toilet because we are in so much pain, or when we can't leave the house for days or weeks on end. They don't feel our loss of independence when we can't drive any more or do the things we took for granted before - it really makes me mad! The system needs to be fair, it is so unfair at the moment. Most of the people who assess us haven't a clue about Fibro and the devastating effect it has on our lives.


Oh Lib!! Thank goodness there are others in the same boat as me! D'ya think if we took the good pieces out of all of us on here we could make 1 good one?


If I could do a job from home, where accuracy isn't important, where deadlines are non-existent and which pays really well I'd stop applying for these benefits in an instant and go for it.

Until then I'll have to stick with my idea of writing a mucky novel lol

Julie xx


Sounds like the dream job Julie! ;)

How exciting, Julie is going to be the female version of Christian Grey! ;) :P Make sure it's a trilogy too Julie lol!


I would be in the same boat hun if I did not have a disablled daughter. I lost my ESA tribunal after getting incapacity for 20 years. No idea how they could justify it, oh hang, they didn't they used ATOS. But I have also been on DLA for avery long time and it was awarded indefinitely. I applied and got carers allowance, which entitled me to Income Support. At my interview to sign the IS papers I was treated like royalty. The customer lift was out of order and the advisor took me up to my next appointment in the staff lift. My next advisor escorted me back tot he staff lift. They were brilliant and could see I was genuinely disabled, so why couldn't the ATOS docotr. But I know how you feel. I have been told by my benefits advisor that once I declared my illnesses to any potential employer I would most likely be sent on my way and never hear from them again xxxxx


Exactly how I feel! What employer would employ me when I can't get out of bed some days??


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