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Another rant about worrying about my son, work and so o o o tired:-(_

Hi all just need some cheering up. I consider myself lucky to compare to some in regards to pain but It's been a tough old week, my son is still off school andl suffering with depression, he is now on 20mg fluoxetin but not sleeping properly. I 'm so worried for him and I'm sure the added stress is making my fb worse. I've had so much pain down my left side it's awfull. Went to the doctor yesterday and he is going to give me another injection in my shoulder on Wednesday. I had one just at the beginning of the school holiday's but it didn't work and to be Onest I don't think the other doctor put it in the right place as it hurt like has given me two weeks off work which helps. I only work two days and another girl works the other three. Last week I phoned in sick, text the other girl to see if she could go in, she then said she could filled in a timesheet for extra hours, I phoned and offered to work Wednesday to catch up with work and swap but I was told the other girl wasn't changing days just an extra day! The policy said I wasn't allowed to go in another day! And if I was to go in I would be sent home! If I hadn't of phoned the other girl she wouldn't of got the extra hours as phoning her at home out of working hours would be classed as harassment!! I don't know some people just really want to be a pain. Sometimes I wish I could tell them what to do with their job as I'm really struggling with two days I just want to sleep all the time, but I enjoy the company of the other girls and enjoy my job. Right that's it rant over again and my hands are killing me.

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sorry it's been so rough for you mari.

has your son been offerred counselling? it might help him.

keeping both of you in my thoughts.





Rant away if it helps and I know often it does. Gentle healing hugs coming your way for you and your son, bless him :) xx


I know exactly how you feel! I was working 3 days in an accounts department and eventually was harrassed in to leaving as they had no understanding of the condition! I now work for myself doing a bit of gardening and have just started at a physios but it is killing me. I know that i dont have any other option if i want to continue to eat as my ex is an alcoholic and isnt around and i have just been out with 2 different blokes who both just dropped me when i mentioned the fibro :(

I hope your son feels better soon as the stress def won't be helping you.



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