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Feeling like...................spaced out!!!

HI everyone i am new to this so please bear with me (a friend found this site for me).

I have (like a lot of people on here) have had a load of health issues since birth and i have had to live with it as years ago there wasn't any help anywhere not even from the hospital/doctors and defiantly not the internet.

In the past 5 years i have got worse, started off with a bought of (what i was told) sun stroke then a viral infection and now..............well haven't a clue but it is since i had that viral infection that i have thought more about my health. During the 6 months off work i had i got to learn from my symptoms and now i am finding that those symptoms are coming back on a regular basis.

More recently (since a bought of food poisoning bought on by myself oops!!!) i feel very .......well spaced out, feeling sick but not dizzy and then hot and cold and........well even now as i write this i have these symptoms. At first i thought perhaps it is high (or low) blood pressure but that is ok, and all bloods have come up ok apart from my cholesterol but that is not high high but border and i am controlling that.

The only thing i find that 'helps' is taking stemetil (5mg) and day time kalms but only helps a bit.

Reading about the chocolate on here is interesting and makes me wonder if it is my blood sugar (diabetics has been ruled out) as i am semi ok once i have had something sweet.

Just had breakfast and had jam on toast so i am hoping that may help but it makes me feel rough so.................

1) Does anyone else have these symptoms

2) If so what do you do

3) should i go sick (although that is the last resort as they are hot on sick leave at work and only work part time)

4) Is it stress related

5) HELP!!!

Sorry to have gone on but when you get to know me i do go into depth on things

Hope someone can help (oh and i take Gabapentin 300mg 1am and 2pm daily for my fibyro)



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hi chris , how long ago was the food poisoning ? it can take quite a while for the system to recover from a severe bout, i really think you need to go and get checked out at the Drs as any new symptoms may not be part of the condition,most of us seem to have other conditions as well and are on different meds, Best of luck please let us know how things go because even if we can't answer your questions we understand how bad the illness is take care


Hi thank you for that, the food poisoning was about 3 week's ago now - i was wondering if it was that and as you say takes a while to get out of your system. I need to see the dr anyway so i will arrange to go & see her asap and yes i will let you know on here thanks :


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