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Feels like a lifetime...


Hello everyone,

I've only just found Health Unlocked and think it's an absolute blessing!

I was just wondering how long people have had their symptoms/diagnoses? I had the first symptoms aged just 4, vaguely diagnosed after 15 years at 19 years old. I'm now 25 and feel like a 90 year old Granny!

I do keep a good sense of humour about it other wise I'd be so bitter all of the time. No clubbing for me, it's all about a cuppa tea and in bed by 8pm! I've got a great supportive family & boyfriend. I still work full time (which is a struggle) but my office manager also has Fibro, so she's very understanding.

My majority of pain/troubles have been with my legs and fatigue but now my wrists and ankles are just plain nasty with painful burning sensations.

Best wishes,

Natalie :)

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Hello NatalieAmelia- welcome to our Forum, lots of lovely helpful people on here..I too struggle with leg muscle weakness and pain and fatigue.. I was introduced to Hydrotherapy some years ago and have stayed with it, I use a hospital pool made specially for aquatic therapies and I feel it makes such a difference to mobility, I can exercise with the support of warm water and pool apparatus with no pain. For fatigue my g.p gives me B12 injections which have up to now lifted it.. I hope you find some useful help on here,, Good Luck to you

NatalieAmelia in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply caz-54. I wasn't aware that the G.P's can give B12 injections. I've been taking the oral vitamins for a while and they do help but I should imagine the injection is possibly more concentrated. I had a wonderful G.P who sadly left the practise and now many of the doctors just don't know what to do with me! I'm sure that's the case for many. Best wishes.

Have you had referral to pain clinic ? Might be helpful.

I am on a cocktail of pain meds but have a Fentanyl patch too which Inever think is helping until I forget to change it ( every 3 days ) suddenly my pain is off the scale and I realise I am due a new patch.

I do not know how you manage full time work but it,s great that you have family and partner support.

Good luck finding pain relief that helps, hope it is soon.


NatalieAmelia in reply to ellj

I was once referred to a pain clinic, but they said they couldn't really help me. I seem to manage my pain as best I can at the moment. A few years ago, I was put on about 8 different tablets night and morning one of which was 'methotrexate'. When the doctor told me the numerous, severe side effects (hair loss, liver and lung problems, very harmful to an unborn baby etc.) it scared me. I've now come off all medication apart from Citalopram and vitamins. My hot water bottle rarely leaves my side either! Best wishes.

Hi NatalieAmelia,

Wellcome to our Fibro family. I have had Fibro for three years now. I am sooo much better in the warmer months than I am now in the cold and wet. I suffer all over with widespread pain and stiffness. I take Amytrytaline, Citalopram, Ferrous Sulphate, and Omeprezole and Tramadol when it gets very painful and Solpadol when it hurts a little.

I try to manage my Fibromyalgia with meditation and positive mindfulness. I do work full time and I get lots of support from my husband and my children.

I hope you find some more pain relief.

Take care of yourself.

Jane x😁

Know exactly how u feel,mine began with restless legs,then bit by bit pretty much every part of my body experienced pain,tingling,numbness,shooting/stabbing pains,flu chills n heat,popping ears,which get moist,ribs,I could go on but I guess u know where I'm coming from. Got chest infection at mo so had to stop pregab so flare up bad but like you,it's great to find others who understand, talking helps tremendously, a tonic in itself,and try to remain positive.Recently found this forum and ur right,it's a God send as I have no social life,but I enjoy TV,but wen watching something wen it's finished I sometimes forget the start,LOL.Praying for you.God bless,Jay.

No social life, I thought I was the only one!!

No,there's plenty of us in this rare but very loving community, enjoy ur day,blessings,Jay

Hi NatalieAmelia

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so gneuinely osrry to read of how you are struggling and suffering but it is wonderful to read that your manager is so understanding since she has Fibro.

I want to gneuinely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi Ken,

Thank you for such a lovely welcome message.

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