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hi everyone not been on here for a good while so im ready for a good old rant ,in the last 12 mnths life has been pretty rough especialy for two of my daughters ,chelsey is 19 and gave birth in sept last yr at 36 weeks pregnant after having placenta abruption almost resulting in us losing the baby but she now has an adoreble 12mnth old daughter then in nov we found a swelling on my daughters neck and after tests i took my daughter down to theartre for the second time in 5 mnths but this time it was for a 12 hr operation for thyroid cancer a lot for a 19 yr old to go through.then 12 weeks ago my 26 yr old went into hosp at 42weeks preg to be induced again after a 17hr labour i again ended up in theartre for yet another grandaughter to be delivered by c section.i then thought thats got be our quota of bad luck only for my daughter to get strep b and septercemia and she was so poorly at one stage i thought we may lose her both these daughters still live at home so as you can imagine i am completely run off my feet .thankfully some how as a strong family unit we have managed to get through this all though some days when the fibro is bad i could just sit in a corner and cry .may i add these two girls are 2 out of the ten wonderful children i have .my husband and i have been together for 31 years and we have 6 girls and 4 boys and six of them still live at home along with my 2 grandaughters and stacies partner and i love them all sooooo much .although the last 12months have been faith testing i thank god weve come through it with a smile on our faces.rant over and love and gentle hugs to all my fibro friends out there.

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Hi Supermum,

You know reading your post really puts it all in perspective, does'nt it, we all think we have it bad (and believe me probably all of us have family worries of some sort as you always worry about your family), but your family situation is unique, I'm sure of that, thank God your Daughter came through her operation, is she alright now?, I would expect she is still recouperating, is she give her love from all of us because I know everybody here would agree, Your other daughter you said was very ill too, wow thats awful, I sincerely hope she's alright now, God love her and you and all of your family, you are a strong family unit, I don't think anything will faze you, take care best wishes Claire xxxxxxx


not a rant.

a letter of survival!

I wish you all well.



Goodness you really are a super mum! Keep us posted on your daughter's progress. What a lot you all have have had on your plate. There is nothing as important as family is there! All best wishes to you and yours. Jane x


Morning Super Mum

You are fantastic to have such a wonderful brood my sympathy for what has been such a gruelling time for you but you have come through stronger I am sure. What a lovely family now it is time for them to help you a bit more

Best wishes x gins


thanku all for your kind words they mean so much.have a great day


one of those days todayjust felt really fed up and teary


you have a right to sit in a corner and scream cry stamp your feet however it takes to release the feelings and as your a strong woman you will get up and be amazing ..

here for suport when ever needed

gentle dyslexic hugs


thankyou lexie


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