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fibromyalgia cfs the same

had medical ESA advicer says the two are the same Altos says so! she had, had a meeting with Altos and they said the two are the same thing....i asked my doctor and shes said they two are not the same ! so have letter from doctor which has been sent benefits...has anyone else been told this when they go for medical ? bit long winded i know .......

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I think people even doctors lump them together My consultant Endo wrote ME/Chronic fatigue syndrome/Fibromyalgia. The Occupational health doctor has latched onto fibromyalgia


Don't know if this is any help but my fibro specialist said Chronic Virol Fatigue Syndrome can lead to fibro and most people with fibro have some form of ME or another. Mine was due to viruses and the fibro came after it. I always had weak muscles from the CVFS but the pain only got worse when I got fibro. Have you had ablood test for CVFS ? Good luck !!

Gentle Hugs x x

Rainbowdancer x x


i have had every test done under the sun....and yes have had blood test Vit D levels low...i also have a cyst on the brain raynards carpel tunnel etc etc there is a bit more to it! anyway i was just wondering as to whether anybody else was told this.....


I have Chronic Pain Syndrome but am not sure if it's the same as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME, I don't think it is I think they're all separate conditions but I'd as a specialist for advice on that...


In my experience it really depends on who you talk to. I have come across specialists who say that CFS/CPS are the same thing as Fibro and others who have completely disagreed! It makes life very confusing as there seems to be so much overlap between the different syndromes and what is termed Fibromyalgia. My specialist informed me recently that fibromyalgia was a term that is no longer used and that CFS/CPS are the preferred terms. However my GP and Occupational Health doctors say the opposite. Where that leaves us...who knows! It would be helpful if the so called specialists could agree but I doubt that will happen any time soon. Jane x


I was told by a pain clinic specialist nurse that it is like a seesaw with cfs/me on one end and cps/fibro the other. Depending on whether your main issue is fatigue or pain then you are put on one end or the other, then it all depends on who you see and what name they prefer lol x


As I understood it they are very similar conditions with the main thing with Fibro being the awful pain and the main thing with CFS/ME being the extreme fatigue.

I have both and for me the fatigue is the constant factor that I struggle to cope with, the pain is always there at a lower level with sudden flares that can last anything from seconds to months!

There seem to be alot of variations on the theme!



As Julie says Fibromyalgia is more pain based although fatigue plays a part, whilst CFS/ME is mostly fatigue based, an exhaustion that is beyond words. I was diagnosed with Fibro first and then a year later CFS/ME. As I understand it there are many overlaps with these conditions and this is why so many people get so confused.

My symptoms are the same as your Julie, I can manage my pain but the constant exhaustion is by far the worst because when it's at its worst I literally cannot move. Fibro is easier to manage for me personally because my meds are stable and help me a lot even when I have a flare-up and also I can pace myself which helps greatly.


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