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Numb paralys feeling from neck to foot? as if cannot move at all head awake body asleep

this is weird as julie had mentioned something about being numb i think it was ..

i do things too and then when i had laid down its like i cannot feel or should i say move my body like when you ahve had epidural and your numb from waist down, well thats how i feel i have to wait until my body wakes up! its as if my head eyes what ever is alive but the rest of me is not arms wake 1st but i originaly in 2010 started with left leg dragging and dropping and going heavily dead , my right leg has been the best leg but now its not anymore 2yr 4 month on its like its gradually spread around one by one in phases and now it will all go at once..its the weirdest feeling ever. i find i am sitting down so much more now than i used to as well (not for being lazy as i was extremely energetic) soon as i have any decent days am off doing house work and then just seize up after doing poloshing and wiping down i cant get head round it at all lol xx

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i would check this with a doctor as many members will agree other conditions can hide behind out fms so please check it out .. look after you just incase

gentle dyslexic hugs


Hi lexie i will do as ankle keeps swelling too (does not bother me) but its warm and it must be fluid i get other things too and i had burst blood vessels in toes last wk . Dr said nothing to worry about. Phew but same time i have had Thrombosis 11 yr ago so i worry with little things now. Feeling so rough in face been going on since feb this year! Burning horrible and jaw. Just makes you feel rubbish all time. I have mobility syndrome too and in quite a state with that so my Neurologist says , so think thats part of it.

Ohhh what can we dooo lol xxx

Thanks Lexie xxx hope you stable and comfortable with issues


The conditions they investigated for me were :-

TIA's ie mini-strokes, a MRI will show leisions in your brain if this one is the problem;

Aura Migraines, this happens when a blood vessel in the brain goes into spasm, there are no leisions in the brain and diagnosis would have been made if Toprimate had stopped the episodes - in my case they didn't

Epilepsy - had one EEG which came back normal so no further investigation was done.

If you have anything else investigated I would love to know as I've been told that there is no diagnosis, therefore no treatment and I just have to learn to live with them; not what I wanted to hear at all! I am sure my other conditions would be much more tolerable if I didn't have these episodes.

Julie xx


Hi. After a real fight with my doctor to get referred. I was diagnosed with small vessel disease around 4 years back. It looks like freckles on the brain. Had tingling and sometimes no use of arms or legs up to 20 times a day at it's worst, lasted 8 months. I recovered but have had a few months of it again a year back. Like everything else, nothing they can do...

I have discovered through many posts and articles over the last three years that I have a few other conditions. Yet everything gets ignored once fibro is declared!

Hope to at least bring my records up to date by the end of this year. It is so important especially when we have to complete DLA and other forms yearly.


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