Thanks everyone for all your support in regards to the DSS bully boy campaign.

I am feeling cleared in my head about what I need to do and my rights. I am in so much pain today but that is expected with all the stress. Eyesight poor in one eye and could cheerfully chop of right arm due to the pain and the fact I can't use it at all today.

One thing I am sure on I am going to kick butt when it comes to the DSS and if it takes me forever and costs me everything I have health and wealth I am going to get them good for this bullying.

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  • well done and im so pleased things seem clearer you havent done nothing wrong so fight back okay?

    keep it up and let us know.xx

  • Good for you you have to keep up a fighting spirit Sue xx

  • Thanks Sue and Sammy,

    I feel total crap health wise, but not going to let this finish me off. Still think I need medical help for depression but not going to fold under this. Will continue to blog the progress in the hope it will help others to.

  • Glad to hear youre feeling a bit better about the situation.dont let 'em win. getting help with your depression is a good move. Ask again in the future if you feel you need it. I'm on my 3rd time now.Trying CBT this time. Its taken me a long time to ask for help, with anything. Ive just bumbled through things before and suffered for it, but no more. If theres help to be had, go for it, and good luck.xx

  • Just hearing dss or hmrc gets me into a state of terror these days. I am really hoping the doc gives me something to help. Another nigh of broken sleep so pains are terrible today. I am trying to fight on and be strong but so hard. x

  • Good to hear your got your head on again and good luck with those bullys

  • Hi devonlady, hope you feel better today. Keep going as best as you can. We're all with you.

  • Thanks Bumblebee, today I sent all the paperwork to the HMRC including statements which I was told by bank would cost me £40. Suppose the up side of being unstable of mood is that when I started crying they didn't charge me. Most of this afternoon has been sleeping it seems like it is all I want to do. Thanks for all the support hugs xx

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