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It's back grrrrrrrr

Hi all, this is my first time writing something on here, but here goes.

I was diagnosed with fm at the beginning of last year. In jan/feb this year all my symptoms vanished until 2weeks ago. I have the tiredness back along with fibro fog, and permanently feeling unwell. But with no pain, except for I keep getting really bad stabbing pains in my stomach.

Has anyone else had it go and come back? I'm finding it weird that there is no pain just a lot of stiffness again. And I get up every morning dreading that this will be the day the pain appears.

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hi ... please go check it out with the doctor

yes part of fsm is that it can come and go ...but it is worth having a check up cose its worth making sure its nothing else ...

gentle dyslexic hugs



Hugs to you. Hope you get sorted soon. In the mean time, try to enjoy the pain free days while you have them. Your stiffness could be because you are doing so much more than you were able. You do need to see your doctor to check you out OK xx


I wonder if you have Chronic fatigue Syndrome as well .... it is so similar to Fibro but the main complaint is extreme tiredness - the aches and pains are tolerable with just over the counter drugs. With fibro the pain is worse and the tiredness less so. Some like myself are just plain greedy and have both!!!

Enjoy the good days and save up your spoons for the more difficult days.

Julie xx


Thank you all for your comments.

Julie I wish I could save up my spoons and I do try, but I'm a dot com shopper so 5 days a week im on my feet permanently walking pushing a heavy trolley for 7 hour. So as you can imagine the saved spoons don't last very long x


hi timtam i have longish good periods followed by longish flareups with varying degrees of pain and stiffness but its always hanging around somewhere waiting in case i think its cured. we are all unique in the way it affects us and i find no 2 flareups are the same. take care, j


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