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I went to my eldest daughters sister in laws pamper night last nightat a beauty salon in the village where they live i went at 6 and got home at 10.30 it was a really nice get together people were having their hair done/spray tans waxing all sorts of places /going on shaker plates which wobble any bit of fat you may have and shake you about if i went on it i would end up a pile of bones in the plate lol and also they were having their nails done it was a really nice evning i thoughly enjoyed it my daughter had her hair cut and nails painted but i didnt have anything as my sister as you all know has a beauty room so she does anything iwant but it was still nice to go and see everyone else having it done

i am wormn out as i have had a real hectic few days and a few streesful days caused by certain people anyway love to you all diddle xxxxxxxx

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aah love to you diddle and that sounds cool?did they have to pay for the treatments or was it part of the party package?

im so glad you had a great time and i know wot you are on about too and you dont deserve it you are such a lovely caring lady?

people shouldnt treat you badly.xx


no you had to pay for the treatments but even with the 10 per cent off they were alot more expensive than my sister and mine are free at my sisters so i didny really feel like paying £11 for eyebrow wax my sister is £4.50 lol buti had a real laugh which is the main thing

and thankyou for your kind words love to you diddle


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