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Hi all

in agony peeps had my slow release morphine today 2 this morning two 12 hrs later aswell as the normal pills ,:( but I no itas their for the tough times I am allowed 4 lots 5ml liquid morphine every 4hrs no more than 4 tho I have had two an I am hanging off till i take more I am trying.....lying in bed,heat blanket on,pillows under my knees so not so much presure on my bk,got my v shape pillow I virtually sleep sitting up an wen I say sleep,I mean maybe hrs then broken sleep then need to wake hubby up to try re position me an this has gone on fo 4yrs I just feel so tired so sore,an any extra stress my body just can't take it xxx

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Oh dear Teeka, I am so sorry that you are suffering so much. Is your doctor aware of your struggle to manage? If there is a pain clinic near you perhaps you could ask to be referred? Four years is a long time to be in such a bad way, no wonder you are so worn out! Thank goodness you have a partner to help you.

Wishing you a pain free and peaceful night.

Jane x


Morning Teeka I hope you managed some rest and may be you should consider being referred to a pain cliinic sounds like a long haul for you but may be worth it Have a gentle day x gins


Hi pet I know the feeling iused to be on the slow release morphine I'm now on fentanyl 50 mcg/hr patches change every 72 hours plus morphine oral solution 10mg/5mg take 1 5ml spoonful when required it used to be same as yours 1 4 times a day but I've got so bad that sometimes its up to 3 spoon at 1 time just to make a dent in my pain I was having acupuncture and it was easing it abit but kerkles don't fund it so no more acupuncture unless I pay for it myself and I'm skint even with DLA & SDA sevear disability alouence I think its still called that, i know I can't spell ,I'm suck in bed at the month had a sist lanced last week that's miles better its started to heal but I'm just so tired at the month doing simple things like crocheting reading or even watchin. Tv is tiring me out I havn't had my phone on all day so now I'm sorting through my messages till I'm to knackered to anyway I'm having a mope. Big gentle hugs take care. Sithy


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