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My sister is having a rare day offtoday and she is spending alot of it with me as it is my birthday tomorrow so she thought it would be nice to go up town or do something like that and i think my mum is coming too so thats nice of them they wereall going to take me f for a carvery on sunday to have a cakre etc but i am going to a chtirtening so cant go but nebver mind i always have sundays free and the day they want toi do something i cant lol

oh well will be nice going out with my mum and sister we havent done that for years i have been out with them both sepertely but it is raer we can all get together at the same time

hope you all have a lovely day i am now off to get in the shower to freshen up as i feel so clammy lol

love to you all diddle x

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Happy birthday for tomorrow diddles enjoy both your christening and your birthday treat may the sun shine down on ye xx lov Dixie xx


bless you and hope you are feeling better just answered your blog you make me laugh to you diddlexxx


Hope you had a lovely time and a very happy birthday too xx


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