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at last

i managed to find a support group in my area and plucked up the courage to ring the group leader. i was so relieved she was a lovely lady who gave me loads of information and i'm off to meet her tomorrow before i go to the first meeting next week she made me feel really reassured and was glad to talk to someone to who fully understands what its like to live with this illness so feeling really positive about the start of my journey towards learning to manage my fibro and all that goes with it.

virtual hugs and as pain free day as possible to you allxx

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Hi, I found a support group recommended through friend, haven't had courage to call yet, hope it goes well and you find the support helpful

Nicki x


That's brilliant, sleepy, the only support group that's in Belfast is in North Belfast, and I don't know if I could manage the trip over, truthfully, maybe it would be worth it, I'm sure they're must be things I should be doing or referred to as in phsio, hrdrotherapy, etc, still waiting to be called back to my rheumy, they are all a useless shower...., anyway hope it helps you, now let us all know what help they give you and advice, wont you?, fond regards Claire xxxxx


Well that is great news i am so pleased for you i think it will do you the world of good to meet peopkle in your area i bet you will be surprised at how many people are actually lkike you love diddle xxxx


Hi well done I joined one last week though my fibro friends on here are great x gins


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