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My friend is on disbility living allowance and had interview next week re entitlement. Should he use crutch or zimmer frame?

He had head injury (severe) and has right sided weakness and recently broke left ankle in may and had to have operation on it. He walks with stick or crutch but sometimes gets dizzy/leg weakness so uses a zimmer frame. Whisch should he use for the dla review interview.? I am concerned they may think he is exagerating if he uses the crutch but, on the other hand he needs the zimmer walking frame at times

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I think only the person who has the disability knows what aid they need to use really.

What ever manages with usually. If everything is close by from car to door to door.

If something more than walking aid is needed then use it.

I use a walking aid for the longer walks than just around my home if i do not have my daughter hubby or trolly from supermarket to hold onto

Hope helps and all the best xxx


he needs to use which ever one he needs and don't adapt to what they might think. don't underplay any problems. jf you see my answer to "dla a minefield" this will lead to a helpful booklet. regards, sandra.


oops! ignore the "dla...minefield" bit.

go to main page,

go to FibroAction site, click on fibro and benefits this should take you to the benefits and work

link where you can download the pdf. this helps you answer the dla questions and gives great advice.



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