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Time to do something different -------------

Yesterday I decided to meet some fellow fibro sufferers so I joined a local group . Lovely people all with same problems who like to talk to each other or rather to find people with same difficulties just the same as us on here. The only difference is the anonymity we have. I enjoyed it just found it was rather a long walk from the car park for me.

So guys if you haven't already find a local group and join them we all need support through the jungle of fibro.

x gins

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hi at my local hospital there was a poster on the reception wall for a local fibro group i did take the number down months ago but a yet have not called it i suppose it is because onhere you can just come on anytime of day or night and does not matter what the weather is like outside as you just type away in the comfort of youer own home i dont know if i want to joun a real life meeting you know what i mean lol i love iton here and i can just say what i want ti would be more reserved in a meeting

saying that my sister has 3 x clients who come to her besuty room who have fibromyalgia and thy talk to me andd tht is nice but i thinki will stick to the site for now love diddle x


hi, i used to attend a support group approx 6 yrs ago, but having to travel on 2 buses in winter and summer was to much , as the bus ride is not gud for fibro, found the books and information worthwhile so i joined the library and just read every book i can find on our condition. tc soma x


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