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hospital and proud of my daughter

well trying to get the house sorted before i go into hospital done a big shop and now sorting the house. having my bedroom done by my loveley children to help cheer me up so when i come out its all nice clean and comfortable. hope evryone is ok and not feeling to much pain. had a ruff week this week really tired and in a lot of pain with fibro and other probs, at least one will be sorted soon, lets hope it may help.

who and forgot to say my daughter had her exam results thusday she got 5 A* 1 A 9Bs and a D we are so pround of her and hope she enjoys her hairdressing apprentaship.

lol ronald53

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Hi there, hope you are not too bad, you're going through a lot, fond wishes and congrats to your brilliant daughter, xxx


Hope you manage to have a good weekend Ronald. Well done to your daughter, that is good news! Take care. :)


Congrats to your daughter,make sure you don't overdo it before you go into hospital,you seem to have over done it a little already.

You will eventually get some relief,believe me,been there done that.

Hope everything goes well for you,and I meant to say,its lovely that you are having a nice new room,enjoy!

Take care,Sandy.


Congrats on your daughter.well done.and good luck with op.hope all goes well.

Take care speak soon.x


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