Low moment

Low moment

I've just spent 25 minutes attempting in vain to wrestle a patient into his very tight support socks. And failing. So now, he has to spend 2 days without compression for his swollen legs, I have hands and wrists that are bright red, throbbing and too sore to drive with (hometime or not), and I feel like a total failure.

Sorry to moan, folks, but sometimes - as you know only too well - fibromyalgia SUCKS!

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  • Those things are a nigtmare try putting a plastic bag over the foot areea then slide the stocking over it pull the bag out through rhe hole at the toe it makes it alot easier x

  • Why can't someone else do it? Perhaps it would take two people and libreral amounts of talcum powder in any case.

    Stop being so hard on yourself ... it is the Fibro that sucks NOT YOU

    Julie xx

  • hi love the rabbit .. i have enough prblem with normal tights and socks never mind the fact those support pant nightmare ..

    be kind to yourself

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • I can really feel for you as 8 years ago when I was working as a carer in the community I had to put those awful things on people myself and I know how hard it is on your hands trying to get them over the heel before you can get them up the leg. They are a nightmare. The carrier bag is a good idea and there are also slippery material ones that are made especially for that which does help if they have them in the house. I know there is a specific way you should put them on with the way you fold them to start with but my head used to get it all confused and I could not remember it regardless of how many times I was shown so I always had to do it the best I could. I know realise that I was having fibro fog problems with the method but did not even know fibromyalgia existed then let alone realise I had it. Don't beat yourself up about it as they don't do a lot those stockings anyway on the whole. If you work for a care company go and tell them that you are unable to cope with putting them on as you have not got the strength in your hands to do so, I am sure they will be able to give you a different job that you can do better and without getting upset or worked up over. Hugs

  • Thanks, guys! :) Just to top it all off, someone has locked me in at work, and I can't get hold of anyone to let me out! Been locked in for an hour now! I think I'll have to call the police again and get the fire brigade to break me out!

    Sara xx

  • Oh dear.... Did you manage to break free??!

  • I did, in the end! Luckily, my union-rep mate knows the buildings manager for the Trust, so he called her, she called one of the buildings services men, and he came to rescue me! Poor bloke had been walking his dog! I finished work at 5.10pm, and finally got out at 7.25pm, but at least I was out. I'll swing for the security guard who locked me in, though! :D

    Sara xx

  • So pleased you made it out ok SootyB, that happened to me once at work, was stuck for three hours until the boss came back to rescue me lol!

    I think there's a gadget these days that helps pull on tight support socks, I'm sure I saw one in a healthcare brochure at home?! I have trouble pulling my own socks on these days, it's a real pain!

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