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upper tribunal?

is there any other fibromites who have been turned down to go into the support group from the wrag group and ended up staying as they are in the wrag group but don't agree with the desicion and are going to take it like myself if possible to a upper tribunal if there is something we can find which wasn't right by law? or am i " the lone ranger?" if you don't want to post it in this section you can private message me ,i would be really interested

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I haven't had cause to as yet, but if it comes to it I will . From what I've heard upper tribunals are only allowed if a point of law has been crossed , so I'm guessing you need legal representation to go through things and find something ?


yes that is right i wouldn't try to deduce legal stuff alone ,there is now where i live a free legal advice place opened up ,as a lot of funding was involved and people can get free legal advice from law students at a university/college ,you have to book appoints from our cab,which is tricky to do i found out today,anyway watch thhis space as they say....


Oh gosh , that's good if you can get help there . There is absolutely nothing like that round here and I can't get legal aid because my husband is working ( self employed ) .

Please keep me informed , if I'm not around on here my email is




hi electricjaws i re apealed it went i to court i got letter saying i had ground for apleal, waiting to go to apleal sorry can not think strait (tablets) pain v head try later keep smiling dave


cheers dave, i hope i can prove i need to re appeal,never have the wp let me have a breakdown of reasons i scored 21 points, despite repeated requests ,,so it effected me prparing for my tribunal,hopefully with my partners support we can get somewhere ,all i know is i have to keep trying or the b*******ds will have beaten me without a fight!!!


Hi electric jaws. I am in a similar position. I have been on incapacity as it was called before all the changes fir more than a decade aswell as DLA. I walk with crutches and even then not far, have shoulder and neck problems aswell as the fibromyalgia.

On top on the constant pain and because I need two crutches to get around I can't even prepare meals or stand for long at all.

On being assessed for the change for this new benefit and despite my condition getting steadily worse I have been told I no longer qualify and am fit for work.

I am seeing my solicitor today to begin the appeal process, but can't understand how for over a decade and many assessment I have been considered unfit to work, then suddenly this new benefit comes along and I'm not even eligible for the work support group?

I will ask the solicitor about the upper tribunal for you and see if he has had any cases go to this stage yet and what he thinks outcomes may be.


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