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work and hospital

i have to go into hospital on 10th sept for a hystrectomy trying to organise home life and work life only to be told by work that has school starts back on 3rd sept it going to cause problems for all and could i perspone till later in the term. ( yes ronald 53 is female and not mad). seretary could not under stand why i got so upset. if pain from fibro is not bad enough in agony from other porblems and feel that this could help with all sorts is it me being selfish or them. being taken over too and not sure were i am with school or new providers. feel like im being a pain for being ill, even been surgested that i dont have my 2 weeks holiday starting monday, but worked hard last 4 week in play shceme and really looking forward to rest and relaxation. why are people so horrible i havent choosen to have this problem. hope every one is feel kind of ok sorry for the moan havent been here for a while.

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you moan and tell them to get lost, you are perfectly right to stick to your guns your health is of the upmost importance for you and your family, and seriously if it was the other way round, or happening to a member of there family do you think they would think twice, no no no they wouldn't, stand your ground and be proud to do so. hugs xx


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