Went to my docs this week to have a medication review (my doc is wonderful). I've been on pregablin for about 5 years now and adjust my dose as required, on a 'normal day' I take 450mg, if needed I take 600 highest dose. I wanted to try patches as I'm sick of taking tablets and with tablets you get the highs and lows, particularly when doses are due. so I'm now on Bu Trans patches 5mg initially and gradually coming off pregablin currently 300mg a day. I have to say so far so good. The first few days I felt awfully tired, falling a sleep every time I sat down. Anyhow everything seems OK now. I'm back to the docs in a couple of weeks, probs to upgrade!! to 10mgs and stop the pregablin. If this continue like this i will be very happy indeed!1

love and hugs

Jax x

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  • Sounds good to me, hope they continue to relieve your pain, i've never heard of these, are they very strong?

  • hi im on the 10mg, if you can stay on the 5mg as the morhine patches can be adictive good luck x

  • i am currently back on prebablin just been increased to 150ml twice aday and on MST CONTINUS(morphine )10mg twice aday , plus oramorph as a top up seems to be working well ok but i still have great pain and i find the medication only helps keep you relaxed i have been onthe patches you are on about they are good but sent me me dolally ha ha it was like i was on some kind of recreation drug (not that i have ever experienced them)i couldn't sit still and i could take in what people was saying so came off them , i am at presen having really bad palpatations and funnly feelings in my hands i hate taking any meds but i am learning to understand that it does help xx take care and great news for you xx

  • Hi these patchs sound god im in sovmuch pai day and night that my quota of pain killers dont go through thec8 in 24 hours so most time theres hours in the day when i cant take any my doc trys to help but dont think he knows much about it gentle hugs xx

  • For the first few days I couldn't keep my eyes open and did feel a bit giddy but things really seem to have settled down. I appreciate the issue of addiction and i did discuss with my GP, but I feel they are worth a go and so far.....its all good.

    take care xxx

    Jax x

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