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So frustrating

Well today I woke up to find I had a mild pain day. Now usually this would mean I would do fun stuff that I havn't been able to do, go for a walk for the shear hell of it or to the beach, something nice.

What am I actually doing? Sitting doing not a lot because of the dodgy eye so as not to cause any damage before seeing the GP tomorrow hopefully.

Got to laugh havn't you, I am just thinking of all the lovely things I could be doing. Oh well next best thing, I will open a nice pack of biscuits. :-)

Hope your all having a good fibro day :-)

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Noooooo don't open the biscuits ........ I do that nice unopened pack of biscuits and suddenly I am sitting with an empty packet of biscuits and a chest covered in crumbs ....


Oh Eviledna,

I should have read your comment eairlier as I now have a empty packet and a chest full of crumbs. How did that happen? Ha ha was yummy though x



Hope your appointment goes well and that you are not waiting too long x


Thanks FionaP, I have a great surgery that always sees you the day your needing a doctor, not a week later like some. The down side is that it iften means a long wait in the waiting room. x


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