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The sun shone yesterday and would you believe it I fell

Life is extraordinary......... A lovely day the sun shone:) my daughter and grandson were playing in the garden and I was just slowly walking around a path when next minute I am flat on my face under the arch not seeing stars but seething at my own ineptitude. How could I have ended bum up! I lay like a beeeeched whale while I gathered my brain and tried to work out what hurt. Next my lovely Labrador is licking my face and pushing me adorably yes but not now..... then my grandson who is 17months is tickling my legs *he thinks it is a game* my daughter most sencible of the lot of us gives me time to get up. I did I could stand bit bloody but able to hobble to a chair.

This morning I am ok but my hips are agony so I hope the new medicine works! I do feel a numpty and cross with myself my daughter is only here for a week this summer and I have messed it up bugger (oh does that count as swearing or is it ok) Why is it we have a tendancy to cry so anoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My grandson does not think there is anything unusual about me and grins and pulls my fingers to go play (which I will of course) there will be time when they have gone on sunday to rest rest rest what else do I do these days oh I am cross with myself I suppose I sprained an ankle I don't kow .

I shall head off to the shower see you later guys take care x gins

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Oh gins it's so annoying ... Social services fitted a handrail so I could get down the steps into my garden I carefully negotiated the steps and with a big grin on my face walked into my garden for the first time in ages and went flying on the flat...... And crying ... I wonder if we are so worn down by fibro while trying to keep our smiley face for family and friends that alone the slightest thing I can't do sets me off crying when I know is so trivial it's not worth crying over .


hi i am so sorry you fell bless you i do hope you will feel a bit better soon it does shake you up doesnt it oh well you take care of yourself ad look after yourself love diddle xxx


thank you guys I have had not too bad a day my back between my shoulder and my left shoulder has been pretty sore still I could have come off worse! Take care all x gins


Take it easy over the weekend Gins, it's going to be warm and sunny so hopefully you will reap the benefit. Take care. :)


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