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Back behind the wheel :) Driving and fybro

Well I have been waiting to get to the stage where I felt like I could feel my feet enough to drive, and being drug free (appart from pain patches) today I am going to try and go out. I have packed my 4 wheeler walking fame and am going to attempt to visit another friend with fybro. They are 70 miles away! I will take it slowly and stop every 20 miles or so BUT I am determined to make the most of a day with sunshine when my IBS appears under control. The journey would not have phased me a few years ago, so as im having a better day I am going to try it. I had to chqnge my car to suit my neurological failures and at least my feet now stay on the pedls! I expect I will stay a few days if my body holds out. I hope you are all able to get out into the sunshine and get some boost to your systems.

Kind thoughts NN :)

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NN good on you, I hope the journey is a pleasant one and doesn't cause you to many issues when you get to the other end, what a great reason to get behind the wheel to visit another fybro friend at least they will understand how you will feel at the other end. I hope you have a lovely day hugs and smiles xx


well done take care n enjoy whilr u can hunni xxx


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