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Hello, am new to this site. Have had fm for 2 years and arthritis for a year, every day is different, some days I can't even get out of bed on my own or get dressed.

But have to keep going as have 2 small children, often feel like people just don't understand. I hate that it feels like my brain is leaving me!! I love history but am finding it more difficult to recall facts or to be even able to spell!!

I get a lot of swelling as well as I'm typing this my fingers are like sausages!

Would love to find a support group in my area so could meet other sufferers, I try to stay as positive as possible and keep thinking that tomorrow will be better.

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oh bless you ,know how you feel i have small children aswell ,its so hard isnt it ,i find it hard to spell and remember facts ,infact im having one of those moments right now lol ,but on here we all understand ,so if you cant remember how to spell ,dont worry we all have trouble ,now and again ,me all the time :)

my fingers have a mind of their own ,not alone being swollen lol ,or is that just my brain has a mind of its own lol ,

gentle hugs xxx


Welcome ammo try yr local library or CAB they may b able to tell u about support groups in yr area,people who havnt got FM dont understand us hun ,it really is a terrible thing to have so debilitating ,but keep looking on this sight u will get lots of support from everyone soft hugs Tofty xxx




Thank you so much for your comments, this is the first time I've ever written on one of these sites as I've never had the courage xx


Hello and welcome Ammo, great to have you with us in our lovely forum! :) I am so sorry you are struggling at the moment, but well done for taking the plunge and joining in! You will find lots of support here and we all understand how everyone is feeling with Fibro, the good days and the not so good days and days when it's a real struggle to cope sometimes. As Tofty says, a local support group might be a good idea for you so that you can meet others who are in a similar position to you and chat and compare notes etc. Have you been diagnosed with Fibro?! You mention that you have had Fibro for two years and also Arthritis - I wonder if you should perhaps see your GP to discuss how you are feeling, especially as you have very small children which makes everything so much harder to manage. Perhaps then you could ask for a referral to see a Rheumatologist maybe to ensure you get the correct medication to help manage your pain etc., and also offer other support available, pain clinics etc. Take care and I hope you feel better in yourself soon, let us know how you are getting along! :) :)


Hiii there Ammo and welcome !:-) . I am pretty new but feel comfy on this sofa already, really lovely support.

Yes the non sufferers do not really know and you get a lot of ' you be fine' think am beginning to dislike the words lol. I just had MRI last night so waiting info. I suffer a lot and have for 2yrs but only recently getting somewhere.

My kiddiwinklees have grown n flown.. Wowza feels old saying that at 43!!

Its 2.30 am and awake bored as usual only its normaly about 4. . Really hoPe you can get something to help relieve any problems sooon .

Snuggly wuggles xxxx


hi and a very warm welcome to you and i hope that you will enjoy being on the site i am sure you will youre not alone anymore alot of people on here are just loike you with kids and some like me with grown up kids and grandchildren . you are right you have to keep positive and get on with it it is so hard to try to explain to people and most of the time we look ok the key is to try to rule fibro not let it rule you but easier said than done at times

i hope to chat again love to you Diddle x


Welcome from me too. :)

I have small children too and i so know how you feel. Somedays i just cant get the energy from anywhere. My house is a tip as i am struggling to keep up. I just have it in my head now that if i can spend quality time and do everything my kids need then i have had a good day.

You have definatly came to the right place and we are all here for support tips and just general day to day things. Well done you for having the courage to come here. :)

Hugs, kel xxx


Welcome from me, glad you got the courage to post on here, a warm, friendly understanding place where you can say how you feel, moan or laugh and know you're amongst friends,

Jan H


Hi Ammo,

I'm new to this site also. I've been made very welcome. I make comments and ask questions sometimes. Mostly I read and follow along. It makes me feel a part of things as I hope it will make you feel. Maybe we'll chat again, I hope. Welcome....

charlie ;-)


Thank you all for the lovely comments and the warm welcome.

LibbyDe, I was diagnosed by the Rheumatologist but have since been signed off as there is nothing more they can do to help!

I did a pain management course, which I felt was a waste of time, my Dr isn't too good either and whenever I go with some other complaint they don't seem interested and just put it down to the fibro.

Am sorry if all I seem to be doing is moaning, not really like this, just feeling sorry for myself at the moment as am waiting for blood test results, as have had a abnormal liver result so am being tested for hepatitis a,b and c, not sure if I can cope if it comes back if I've got something else, sometimes life just doesn't seem fair when you already have so much to deal with health wise and you are coping with it and keeping a positive attitude and then life kicks you up the bum again!!


hi ammo, just keep geting up again, we all listen on here, if you need a moan this is the place.....take care xx


hi ammo

do you just get fat fingers or does it affect other parts of your body, the reason I am asking this is because I have FMS I have had it for over 8 yrs it was diagnosed by a Rheumatologist I have also been diagnosed with having Angiodeama which means I have lumps that appear all over my body at times

please let me know asap



Hi Ammo and welcome,we are all good at listening and giving advice on here,hugs to you hun. Jules.x


Fibrodave, I have swelling in my fingers, hands, wrists, ankles, and knees


Hi i have swelling in my ankles knees and fingers my ring use to be big on me but its so tight some days i cant get it off xx


Welcome ammo,

I know what you mean, I actually have really painful and mostly swollen or red hands all the time and they actually I feel protest when I try and type, and make me type something else or make me go so slow, I try and pamper them sometimes and massage cream into them, it seem to settle them for a while, they are like spoiled children, I often think, I pat the cats and the dogs and they love it, and then I have to 'pat' my own hands, in case they snarl up in disgust, lol well it seems like that, don't we have to put up with so much xxx


Hi Chambers,

My ankles swell up too, and leads to that dam restless leg my right one is the worst, flipping awful, I soaked in a bath for an hour before going to bed last night reading a book about fibromyalgia, and my legs were'nt so bad, t.g. pheew! gentle hugs xxx


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