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Happy 13th wedding Anniversay to hubba hubba &me

Yep 13 yrs yesterday we tied the knot lol and it keeps getting tighter .

I am blessed in so many ways for what i have in hubba hubba.

Ups & downs roundabouts but never looked back.

Had a meal from M&s as i not up to doing anything and my poor ickle hands were so painful i had to retire early to bed along with the neck.

But we had a lovely relaxing night sat out in garden at patio with candles and my garden fairy lights


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Many congrats to you both.and may your love; friendship and support continue the fairy lights.xx


Congrats to you both, it seems you spend a lovely evening with each other xx


bless, congratulations and i wish you many more happy years together, xx


Thank you so very much!!

I was in B&q tho last night taking flowers and card to friend who shares same Anniversary.

I have a favourite Restaurant i like to go to and or we go a place called knaresboro with our friends who share same Anniversary but different year, quite funny as they been together longer but we been wed a lot longer haha.

Only they been America this yr and budget a bit tight too.

For us its just down to lil old me (goid job not friday gone as been stuck in bed)

More mobile now and back to controlling the wrk load again.

I did have a previous relationship of 10 yrs (not married thank heavens)

But this has been bliss partnership wise.

Thank yooooooo so very muchly again xxxxxxxxhuggles


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