Hi i am popping to Norwich today for a little while with myparents they need tp do a few bits there so o said i would go for the ride and just have a quick look round but will only be there about an hour which will be enough for me so hopefully it will be nice

we not going until about 1 pm so i hope you all have a nice day love diddle xxxx

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  • Well hun apparently the sun is shining in Norwich and while you there just give a random wave, maybe my daughter and son-in-law will catch it.

    Have a wonderful time and enjoy

    Gentle angel hugs


  • wave to me too :) and the sun has gone in now :( xxx

  • I was in Norwich too today... seeing my lovely OT. Hope you had

    a lovely time. xx

  • I live in Great Yarmouth not so far away from Norwich lol. Quite a few of us about this way x

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