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New to this!!!!!!

Was diagnosed 2 mnths ago and feel rubbish, trying to sort meds out can't take tramodol for pain due to side affects, going cold turkey with citalapram so doc can put me on new ones, please tell me that I can lead a normal life with this fibroymialga, I'm an upbeat kind of girl but have to admit struggling a bit here, any comments I would appreciate.

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hi welcome to the site, i am haivng a bit of a relapse at the mo very ill but for 4 years i had it all in control, takes time and understanding for it all to get on top some days will be better than others. but my advice is listen to yourself rest when need to, eat when need to and dotn over do it as i did at the beginning and it did me in, every one is different so got to listen to you, i take solpadol for pain and heat pads or warm baths to ease muscle things will get better never be same sorry but will get better gentle hugs


I feel for you I'm on tramodol & have been for many yrs & I have to have them can't go with out them I shake when I don't have them so its better you don't have them I am now with another go practice so haven't had a proper medical yet but I've just found that if I keep raking the tablets I'm ok but I know about it when I finish work I've just learnt with the condition I have good days & many bad one hope you feel better soon xx


Thanks suwie yeh I'm not taking tramodol since Sunday I've been I'll ain't going through this again no way!!!! Il deal with pain with codeine when needed, I have sense of humour so hopefully that'l help heaps, my friend cleans my house so all my energy I have can spend on my daughter, got to use energy wisely I feel, thank for advice, Nicki x


Hello and welcome Homer to our lovely forum! Sorry to hear you are going through a tough time with your Fibro at the moment. Hopefully when your new meds kick in you will feel a lot better. Once you can manage your pain I am sure you will notice a difference. If you are experiencing fatigue, I hope that's being addressed by your Doctor or Consultant, this will also help you.

Take a look around the forum, you will find lots of information, advice, support and friendship too. If you have a concern or are worried about anything, please don't hesitate to ask for help. We are always happy to help. :)

It won't always be such a struggle Homer, it is possible to get on top of things and for your quality of life to improve and your general well-being too. Hopefully coming into this forum will help you too as you will realise you aren't alone, we are all in the same boar, we all understand. Take care. :)


Thank you for your kind words, I have an app at the Rnhrd so feel blessed for that as they specialise in fibroymialga so have good chat with them, thank you again, I know this site will help loads. Nicki


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