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Whooppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dooooooooooooooooo Andy Murray i love yooooooooooooooou!!!!! I am immensely proud of this wonderful young man,he is one fine Tennis Player who is just going from strength to strength.his performance during Wimbledon and the Olympics has been outstanding!!! I also have another Whooppeeeeeeeee to share, one of my beloved Guinea Pigs,Melody,had to have a major operation this week to remove a tumour,of which was a success! she came home yesterday and is getting stronger and stronger,an amazing recovery for such a little delicate creature, so happeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Good things help keep my mind off Fibro, life without my awesome animals would be no life at all xxx

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Totally agree about Andy Murray and wonderful news on your Guinea pig xx


At last Andy Murray has come up trumps and on the wimbledon court. WSell done Andy I think every one was routing for you through out GB I am pleased you beloved Guinee pig is better does he/she have a name? x gins


She's called Melody!


So happy for Wendy my pets are my lifeline and spoiledrotten well done Wendy oh and that other guy lol petal


I'm not only pleased with Andy Murray, I'm overjoyed with the whole of the UK Team! they're all doing so well. I've watched most of the equestrian events, the stands have been packed, and the BBC say there aren't enough viewers to show much anymore, I wrote to them. But Team GB are all doing us proud!!

I really pleased your guinea pig is doing well, I've had pigs, and rabbits almost all my life, recently when my last two guinea pigs died within two days of each other I haven't replaced them, it's becoming too much to clean them out on a regular basis, but I do miss them, they're wonderful creatures.


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