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not a good day!

was ment to be having a curry night yesterday, but me thinking it was morning didnt bother to cook it, (hubbie did kids something quick so they wernt up late)

so manages to start dinner today, did 3 diff currys, forgot the rice untill hubbie reminded me, then after we had eaten hubbie discovered i had left the nan breads in the oven (they were solid black)

THEN my son starts throwing up because i hadnt read the sauce ingredients propperly, i noticed there was almonds which he can have, but didnt notice the cashew nuts which he really vant have!

hes only 7 but refused to talk to me, he had forgiven me before he went bed but still feel so bad!

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Whoopse oh dear I hope he is okay now and you are back in his good books. These allergies in children are si difficult my daughter is thirty and allergy to Paprika it is so bad that she goes inmto anaphlactic shock I am constantly amazed at how many things now have it in them. Recently we discovered they changed the recipe on jelly babies she cannot have them now = anything which is pink we have become very careful as her reaction is deadly and so quick - have a better day x gins


Hry your nt super woman so dont be so hard on yourself.we all have our off days.todays is new start.

Chin up your only human .but you are ill sure they understand.


thanks, not too bad today, jacks happy an like noting happened (im allergic to eggs so know how he must feel)

totally spaced out on painkillers today, so not doing much, dod start clearing my crafty corner, buut got sidtracted staring at the floor lol, then lunch, now here, lol!


omg all my letters are in wrong place, yup can tell im spacey lol


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