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I am in agony all over it has gotten so much worse and meds not reall working but there you go i will work through it there is nothing i can do just do all the usual things and put a smile o your face and tht is it so not moaning it is just how we are and have to get on with it dont we

i have had a couple of walks today with the doggy and now on bed waiting for daughter to come hme she beeen to santa pod all weekend she now on way back so have got bath all ready and got washig machine on stand by as bound to wash everything she took enough for a month lol oh well at least she got her new bed and mattress to sleep in so she will prob come home have bath and hair wash and go straight to bed it will be getting her up in the morning lol

oh well you all have a lovely evening i am now looking into a memory foam mattress topper they are in argos i want to loo at the reviews on them unless anyone knows of a good one from £30 to £70 i dont want to pay any more than tha thanks ever so much love diddle xxxx

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hey diddle ,

please see your gp huni you may need your meds upping so you get relief quicker, i understand just how you feel spent all day in bed yesterday to recharge my batteries and it has done no such thing i had a decent sleep last night though so thank god for that as i not one bit of shut eye the night before eeven though was exhausted , i though i would feel a little better after my rest but nooo came back from super market drained lookily my hubby was with me i have notice i seem to be getting a bit angry when debating with my hubby or family members , you keep resting and take it easy xxxxx


Awwwww Love and gentle hugs sent your way, painful neck spasms since yesterday for me, cack isn't it! Desperate for a comfy new mattress too, hope you feel better real soon,thank god for our amazing doggies, hope your daughter had a fab holiday, Love and Hugs Della xx


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