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I went to bed at 11 pm my usual time i was still awake at 1 am dozed off for about half hour then needed toilet and that was it then awake and finallly got up at 3.45 am great !!!! came down and had a cuppa and now on the 2nd one just in so much pain cant take meds yet it is too early i take 1st ones at 8 am

oh well i hope no one is reading this at 5.20 am as if you are you probably had the same sort of night as me lol

love to you all diddle xxxxx

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ohhhhh diddle i think alot of us might of been awake at that time and we are all soo alike with pain and meds xx take it easy and look after yourself, xx gentle hugs xx i was awake till gone 2am finally fell asleep bout 5ish awake again at 7-30am then dozed off till 9-45am why is it it seems easier to drift off in the morning it's beyond me lol xx


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