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Why does my tongue get so sore and fingers

Well moan as usual. For quite a bit had facial and jaw burning ( horrible)

But can cope as Dr's let me up my lyrica, but why when eating my tongue feels like sore and sandpaper!

My thumbs have got sore too to bleeding

Do no t have a cluuuue.

My feet started hurting too like balls and heels had to buy insoles but still not brilliant!!

I love platform shoes too and had to give up .. Well i will keep trying

As not steady anymore and buckle to side and hurt. Never had this problem in past over yrs

Ohhh welll suppose it will go!

Can you get insoles on NHS ?? Xxxxx

Happy Toooooossdayyyy allll xx

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I can relate to the sore tongue....sometimes it feels swollen!! if i eat anything spicy my tongue stings like hell. I usually buy Dakarin Gel form the chemist, it's for fungal type conditions, and it seems to work. My fingers have been terrible in the past. I couldn't write or open tins or anything, having a good spell at the moment, but I think I arthritis in my little finger. I have psoriasis in my nails and they say the arthritis is part of that condition.

hope you feel better soon

Jax xx :)


Aww thanx jaxxl ,

I got corsodyl from dentist which hurt a lit but helped, still have problems

Never thought about Dakarin gel though! I was cleaning in kitchen today and hands in water and did not realise made my thum tips raw that they bled, then hand under hot water nearly hit roof oooch lol, keep smiling though and laugh it off. Wrked in a pharmacy for 8yrs doing every dept of it. That was quite some yrs ago now.

The hands i can relate to as wrists backs of hands thumbs and fingers hurt.

We always find a way of coping somehow, i havevdays so bad cannot make even a cup of tea, i am lucky i got hubby and my daughters help with a lot on my bad days.

I am happy to hear uou having a good spell as always makes you feel a liitle brighter and a little less of a burden.

Thank you for your reply really appreciate it.

Fluffy sift hugs and sweet dreams! Xxxxxx

Cazzie xx


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