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In your hand you held my heart

Even when we were apart

Then you took a look around

And threw it upon the stony ground

Shattered and broken there it lay

you just laughed and walked away

finding a lover younger than you

your shining toy bright and new

my heart ripped and shattered

like I never really mattered

I watch you as you walk by

The world knows not the tears I cry

I hang on with hope that you will see

How much you still matter to me.

(c) pknee

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How i feel pretty much everyday,has been 8 years since my husband left,6 years since divorced,he is now married to the woman he left me for! Try so hard to move on and rebuild my life but nothing works, having Fibro certainly doesn't help,all the years i felt ill and didn't know what was wrong with me,thought i was crazy,mad even! Feel so alone with no one to help or support me when i have bad days,sorry to off load feeling very low at the moment. A lovely poem with raw emotion. Hope you are ok etc! Love and hugs Della xxx


delia i write life asi feland see itam under going vey very bad clinicaldepression at the moment and writing keeps me going.


I think you have to have been there to really understand such desperate loneliness. thoughts are with you. x


I wrote this for my daughter who is trying

to. Cope with a. Breakup


A very difficult time hope she finds the strength to get through it xx


It feels like the worst thing in the World when it happens to you, I went through it years ago. It feels like it will never end, but like most things in life, it does end.

I feel for your daughter, I hope she finds happiness again one day. :)


Your gift of expression of such deep, deep feelings, I dont think I've ever come across. Sending love and gentle hug x


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