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I am now havinf a twix bar my blackcurrant juice and my meds on my netbook and my partner i are representing our country and they have trained so hard to get there i do understand all that but it ds staying at home so hwe can watch the olymic ceremony he cant come here as it i a olympic free zone lol

i dont mind watching the odd thing but i am not a sporty person at all i do hope we do well and it is lovely all those sports people yrain so hard et but it is not for me so now we got 2 weeks of it more or less 24/7

oh well you all take care and will be back on here sat love diddle

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Hmmm Diddle, you have 4 weeks of it and then it's the Paralympics afterwards for the disabled. The Opening Ceremony is really good so far and it hasn't even started yet. I am not into most of the sports, but being patriotic I want us to do well. :)


me too jsut dont want to watch it but i think the athletes are amazing with the time they use to do all their training etc gold all the way for us but not with me watching love to yiu diddle x


well my friend diddle, peanut Kit Kat in hand with an apple juice I did the right thing, turned the tele on, dogs in position and promptly fell fast asleep , as i was dozing there was a weird dream with Daniel Craig marching into Buckingham Palace and he and Her Majesty the Queen getting into a helicopter, odd I thought half asleep then I came to properly and there was the Queen in the Arena wearing the same dress as in the dream. I really MUST be losing the plot seriously!!!

Hey ho the joys of falling asleep with the wrong channel on !! Channell 20 promises to be a sports free zone but they usually have rubbish on there anyway so we're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

He he he - hope you sleep wellish and catch up tomorrrow.

muchly dottii x


lol sleep well ish i did not up at 4 am after fitful hour and half sleep there you go what do you expect by 8 am i have been up over 4 hours and walked the dog x 2 and done the wahing too arghh this stupid stupid illness love diddle x


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