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the atos doctor had marked me as "fitting none of the descriptors" BUT when it came to the heading prognosis,she put "unlikely to be able to work for the next two years"(why, if she thought i was fit for work!) i can hardly walk!,went to atos test in wheelchair pushed by my partner!!

i complained to the dwp and also atos over the phone how i was treated. about a month later got a letter from dwp saying they had looked at some of the medical paperwork and overuled the atos asessment and put me in the wrag group, not happy at that i put in for a appeal, i was told even thoughi was appealing the descision i would still have to attend the wrag meetings when called up by job centre,by and by i got a letter to attend to see a certain lady adviser at job centre,partner took me in wheelchair for 9am in the morning ,i looked s**t and really felts**t, she was a really nice lady said it was ridiculous certain people who were being sent to her and she put on my letter that they have to type everything that was wrong with me,and on the part where it says special requirements she put a few then put numerous more neccessary, she asked if i was appealing,i said yes,and she put that on the form told me not to worry i would not be called up by her to attend any of the activity work group stuff and good luck in my appeal!!!!

a few months after that i got a phone call from a descision maker type person based at the head place in bradford who makes the descisions and she said ,i believe you are appealing, i confirmed i was, she said if you are in the wrag group you rarely will be called upon, i said that was not the issue ,the issue was that i felt i was too unwell to work and felt i should be in the support group,she said appeals are expensive you know, maybe we could look it over again,she asked me two questions ,not really related to the fibro side of things, i tried to tell her more but she then said we'll leave it at that, then weeks later says no not changing it!!!! so i have been waiting a year now nearly to go to my appeal which is in aug,i will not let them intimidate me i haven't commited any crime,if or should i say when i win i think i shall write a book about it as even j k rowling couldn't make up anything as hocus pocus as this!!!!

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Good for you... keep strong....And good luck...

Soft hugs xxx


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