Yes i went into the card factory today to get some cards well what else would i go in for so that was a stupid thing to say lol anyway i went in and there on the rack near the door is a calender a whole rack full for 2013 and not only that but the diaries too for 2013 so i also got that too and this evening i will putting in all next years dates etc how sad am i lol love diddle xxxx

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  • that is very optimistic of you diddle!! don't forget to put your own birthday on it in capital letters so noboy forgets to send you a card!!!

  • They are selling calendars already? Does this mean summer is over? Were they selling Xmas trees too, it wouldn't surprise me!

  • Didn't you buy diary earlier in the year as well ? Super uber organized ;-)

  • hi yes i did about about 6 weeks ago lol so i am already for next year now no excuse for forgetting anything for diddle lol love diddle x

  • I don't want to even think about next year yet let alone buy things for it, dear me. We never live in the present any more do we, it's always getting Christmassy just after Summer, then just after Christmas there are Easter eggs, before we've had time to buy Summer clothes the Winter clothes are in the shops!

    Live a day at a time, live in the present and enjoy it, it goes so fast! :D

  • what a positive thing to do ! if I did that I'd have lost it before the week was out lol.

    regards, sandra

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