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Feeling confused and sensitive

There are some things some tomes should be

Kept behind closed doors! But

Ohhh what to do my heart strings.

My 16 yr old son moved to his dads because i had rules

Regarding him and g/f and he crossed the line so he left and went to dads.

He has visited 3 times since xmas as his g/f always comes 1st (i am all happy with his puppy love) but he has caused a fall out between her mum and me over an issue when she is older than him and was under age!! I was furious. I have kids in 20's that have not crossed line.

Well my son has been given rules by his dad and his g/f and he does not like so wants to come back home yet everytime i rang ,text or fb he always tooo busy to visit me.

My hubby and my sons eldest sister who lives with me says he cannot flit between parents when he has argument! He had tons opportunity to move back home and so recently i have given girls a bedroom each now. So now he wants to come back ..

Ohhhh sometimes wander how we have our problems with stress.

I sooo do not know what to do!!

He will not walk the dog and hates helping doing any chores! He believes its a womans place to do all that lol i did snap back. He would starve himself until i put dinner on table too because that is my job..

Now we are hard wrking and if i stayed at home all day i would but in my house we all chip in if wrk xxxxxxx

Sorry but have to get off my chest

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i had a son like that! then he had the fantastic idea that he wanted to move into a apt with a friend .......omg did it teach him a lesson bills food and rent and clearing up after himself did not suit his lifestyle so he moved back in and it was a completely different boy!!! lol! so maybe the old saying give enough rope?????;) xxx


Aww thanks Fairytails from fairy maid loving name of course! Mines business logo.

Well yours has moved back in lol is that good or bad thing.

I have gotten used to them away from home now and the house is fresher! Silly but true

Free from socks that can walk alone and bedding that hates being washed!

I am conscious and like to keep clean. Some body actually walked in after lads left and i had re vamped and said how lovely and fresh the smell was!!! Well i nearly died with laughter as i knew they had aromas about them lol as much as they bathed and changed the bedrooms were sess pits lol.

The girls are different in cleanliness and scents.

Xxxxxxx thank you for reply xxx


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