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I am so pleased for all you mums out there with kids off school when the weather is like this it makes lifes o much easier as i remmeber when my girls were off we used to go down the beach all day from 8 am through to 5 it was a free day out we used to pack our lunch take all our bits me and my mates used to meet and have a chat all day the kids would all play come home tptally worn out and bath tea and bed oh how i wish i had those days back again i used to love it i miss my girls being small

trouble is ayt times when thet are and you got things to do you sometimes wish they were older so you could leave them for am hour to get on with stuff but never mind

you all enjoy it as before you know it they wont want to be with you and you will wish those days back

enjoy whatever you are doing today

love diddle xxxx

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