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Why is it

When I meet friends they all say you look well when they mean you have put on weight!

Or now they look at my legs ( I need a stick to walk) they say "Oh how is the leg?"

I cannot explain it is all the other bits as well so I let them pass ----------

I use the stick more for my back as I have horrid stenosis in it -

So basically they judge us by our covers so slap the make up on and smile they won't

understand what is behind the mask, we do though - we all know what we have to contend

with - But Mr Fibro will not win we must never give in!

Be positive smile make some one else laugh with you - you will feel so much better

(for a while) xxx gins

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You are SO right , Gins.

We all need to have a good moan sometimes, but you can't let it take over your life, nor should you let other peoples' bad attitudes or ignorance affect how you feel.

Keep up with the slap and the smile ... you've cheered me up for today, anyway.

Luv ... Moffy x



Hello gins,

Oh my word, how I understand your bit about ppl saying how well you look and meaning youv'e put on weight. This has ben a HUGE problem for me as along with the jooly fibro I have suffered with anorexia since age 11 and to a better weight now, those words said immediately blare FAT FAT FAT to me.

I also wish that someone could invent somethng that would make us fibro sufferers stand out, like growing a unicorn like thingy on our foreheads that would be an ackowledged indication of fibro....ha ha..... but seriously if these ppl could just live a day in our lives, I think that would undoubtedly change their minds.

best wishes Dottii x


I keep getting people saying I look well and how much weight I have lost!

I would not mind but I have put on 2 pounds since having to give up work after my accident 3 years ago.

I must just have looked really fat before! I do understand about the back, my problems are similar, with sympathy, Cazx


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